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How to Pick Your Perfect Photographer

Picking a wedding photographer is not easy. Here, Linda from Blame Her Ranch reveals her tips on how to choose the best one for you.


After selecting the venue, the wedding photographer should be second on your priority list. Most couples think that catering, cocktails and the wedding gown should take preference, but given that the photographer's output lasts for years and years, we can safely say getting this right is critically important.

Before sitting down to look at a photographer’s work, there are three very important decisions you need to make and understand regarding the selection process… 


Blame Her Ranch Photography


Pre or Post Wedding Photoshoots


As a couple, you need to decide if you are prepared to do a “pre or post” wedding photography session. Based on personal and professional experience, having a three-or-four-hour separate photography session is critically important. While it may cost you extra, you will get a feel for their work, they get to know your preferences and you’ll widen the breadth and distinctiveness of your wedding album.

Without a special photography session before or after the wedding, you are pretty much limited to the area and space where activities are taking place. At Blame Her Ranch in Santa Fe, we are lucky enough to have over 1,600 acres with some breathtaking views and locations that take extra time to get to. We do not charge extra fees for the couple to come back on a date of their choosing to have an additional three to four-hour session with their photographer. A lot of wedding venues would not offer an “extra” free photography location within their packages, but it takes very little effort on their part, and therefore, the couple should ask. 


Blame Her Ranch Photography


Find Your Photography Soulmate


Each photographer we have seen at the ranch typically falls into two categories. One is the classic portrait photographer and the second is more journalistic in style and tends to capture events as they unfold. This is where you need to sit down and understand their background, what school of photography they went to, and of course, see their work. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough question: how would you characterise your photography style? Then, let the photographer know the shots that are instrumental in providing a complete representation of your wedding.


Blame Her Ranch Photography


Communication is Key


Do you sense that there is a good “click” between you and the photographer? Chemistry and communication are essential. You need to feel comfortable in front of the lens and assured that the photographer is willing to listen. If they are not to be afraid of pushing back to make sure his/her professional insights are fully taken advantage of, it's not necesarrily a bad thing - conflict sometimes contributes to great creativity.


Blame Her Ranch Photography


Location, Location, Location


At Blame Her Ranch we are fortunate to have many different photography locations, so every wedding is different. Therefore, it is important when selecting your venue, that you look beyond the basics and have a discussion with the Venue Manager. They might be able to suggest unique locations on the property or nearby that can be used during the wedding, or during pre and post-sessions, if you go with that idea.

In New Mexico, we are blessed with 300 days of sunshine. So instead of just giving you a list of trends, photography ideas, and some do’s and don’ts, check out this link ( to explore how four different weddings took advantage of Blame Her Ranch and made it their own.

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