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Wedding Guest Dress Code Lookbook

Confused about the meanings of wedding dress codes? We have you covered with some suggestions for some common dress codes.

So you’ve been invited to a wedding as a wedding guest… Amazing! Weddings are fun, romantic and a chance to celebrate with the ones you love. However you’ve been sent the guest code and you have no idea what to wear! Don’t worry, we have you covered with the most common dress codes and suggestions of what to wear, using dresses by the gorgeous French brand; Gaala.


1. Black Tie


This is one of the most commonly used themes, and is a formal dress code, meaning the wedding will most likely be an evening event. Female guests commonly wear floor-length dresses and men will most likely wear a tuxedo. However, it doesn’t always mean you have to follow the rules to a T, just wear something classy and sophisticated, a cocktail dress can be a good option for a black tie dress, wearing colours such as black, as the name suggests! We have a gorgeous number from Gaala, elegant, classy and formal, you will tick the box of black tie etiquette.


2. Semi-formal or Cocktail

This is one of the most popular dress codes and is semi-formal meaning you can easily wear something that’s not too formal but still elegant and maybe add a pop of colour. Luckily, this is one of the easier dress codes to follow, with more flexibility in the way men will most likely be suave wearing suits in an array of understated shades, and women will be wearing their favourite showstopper cocktail dresses, don a red lip and you’ll nail this dress code down. Check out this gorgeous red cocktail dress by Gaala for inspiration.


3. Dressy Casual

As the name hints, this dress code is a mix between being dressy and casual, and therefore is a bit less formal than a semi-formal or cocktail dress code. It’s more than likely going to be a daytime event, so wear lighter colours, or it’s an evening event, wear darker colours. Forget the floor length gowns in this instance and opt for a shorter, lighter coloured dress, and pair with a complimenting lip. Men will likely ditch the full suits and wear a shirt and dark slacks. This dress code gives you more flexibility to be comfortable and wear one of your less formal go-to pieces. Take this blush coloured slip dress from Gaala, for instance, a perfect example of dressy casual.


4. Garden Party/ Casual

If your dress code specifies it’s a casual garden party theme, then you’ll probably be seated outdoors and should dress for the elements, if it’s a warm season go for a summery slip dress, or if it’s during a cold season, layer up just in case of a gust of wind. The focus isn’t on following any sort of dress code etiquette, just dress casually and comfortably, whilst still looking on-trend. Have a look at this pretty rust coloured a-line spaghetti strap dress from Gaala for casual garden party inspiration.


5. Festive

This one is self-explanatory, as you will more than likely be invited to a Christmas event, so a festive dress code will most likely mean festive hues such as dark greens, reds, and textures such as velvet or silk for extra winter luxury. Steer away from gimmicky Christmas tree earrings or tinsel… after all it’s still a wedding, not fancy dress! You can really pull off this dress code with dignity and glamour if you keep a keen eye for subtlety. Men can opt for a creative pocket square in their suits to pay homage to the theme. As much as this dress code might sound confusing because it’s fairly new, it allows for a bit of festive fun, so don’t take it too seriously. This pretty emerald green dress by Gaala is a wonderful way to subtly add a bit of festive luxury to your look.


We hope you’ve been informed by our definition of the most common dress codes, and that you’ve been inspired by the looks by Gaala, and hopefully you’ll opt for a bit of Parisian glamour for your wedding attire.

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