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How to Create Your Own 'Eco Soirée'

A romantic eco-inspired photoshoot at Peacock Farm Weddings, Lincolnshire’s best-kept secret...


Located along a private country road, in the Cliff Village of Wellingore, Peacock Farm Weddings is a completely unique wedding venue. In this photoshoot, all of the details were carefully considered by each of the suppliers who collaborated tirelessly to ensure that the vision would come together seamlessly, creating a truly stunning setting.

Combining hand-dyed fabrics, cotton and paper, natural inks, vegan-friendly foods, drinks, beauty products and recycled wood, all elements were used in ways to highlight their flexibility and to demonstrate the importance and the ease of achieving sustainability, no matter how big or small the footprint. All of the suppliers involved in the styled shoot keep their transport emissions to a minimum by offering consultations and appointments via a video conferencing service. Plus, all paperwork is kept to a minimum and stored online when customers book their services. 


Eco Soiree Styled Shoot at Peacock Farm Weddings


Perfection Wedding Services & Events


Christina at Perfection Wedding Services & Events makes it a priority to not only learn who are the reputable suppliers that are local to her but to build relationships with those who provide a quality, professional and friendly service to all of their clients whilst making steps towards a better future for individuals and businesses alike. With a wealth of knowledge within the industry, she is able to provide the easiest and least time-consuming options for her client's special day. 


Eco Soiree Styled Shoot at Peacock Farm Weddings


Lulabelle's Vintage Ice Cream Van


Lulabelle’s Vintage Ice Cream Van has converted her vintage van from using a petrol generator to having an inverter and leisure batteries fitted which power her fridge, freezers and low-energy LED lighting. These rechargeable batteries are charged as the van is travelling to and from events. 

Lou has reached out to local scout groups, local junior schools and local residents who are reusing the ice cream containers for food storage, bird feeding stations and art supply storage solutions whilst the current producer is working towards an option to reuse and recycle or to convert to a compostable option. 

Solar panels will be fitted to the roof of the van in time ensuring there is no reliance on the National Grid… we just need to scoop a few more ice creams for this dream to become a reality.


Eco Soiree Styled Shoot at Peacock Farm Weddings


Mayflower and Lily


Mayflower and Lily have a goal to not only banish the stigma surrounding faux flowers but to also ensure that their impact on the environment and the planet is as minimal as possible. Some would argue that the methods of production and the materials used to create the faux stems are less than sustainable or eco-friendly but with awareness and conscience, we can offset any negative impacts. 

Personal flowers including bouquets and buttonholes are the perfect keepsake and memory of your wedding day and will last decades if taken care of. Their collection is bespoke to each couple, ensuring no waste, reusing and recycling of all products whilst still providing a luxurious, tailored floristry service to each and every couple.

Should any of the stems no longer meet the strict quality control measures for weddings they are used to create arrangements which are then donated to care homes, doctors' surgeries or hospital wards to ensure they can still be enjoyed. Planters, pots and styling props are either sourced second-hand and lovingly restored or made from scratch by Emma’s hands using surplus or excess materials instead of buying new.


Eco Soiree Styled Shoot at Peacock Farm Weddings


Moonflower Ceremonies


Michelle uses natural items in her ceremonies including crystals, sand, stones, wood and dried wild grasses and flowers from her garden which can last for years if used carefully. Michelle browses charity shops and reuses gifts such as vintage glassware and signs to add a unique element to her ceremonies. If there is ever the need to purchase items she makes a conscious effort to shop locally and favour small businesses and environmentally friendly products.


Eco Soiree Styled Shoot at Peacock Farm Weddings


Go For Macrame Wall


Monika uses natural cotton cords to create her products and offers a hire service for her backdrops and other accessories so they can be reused multiple times. She uses recycled paper and cardboard for posting out any items that have been sold.


Eco Soiree Styled Shoot at Peacock Farm Weddings


Fusion Hair Co


Being one of the first salons in Lincolnshire to adopt the Green Salon Collective which means that 90% of their waste is recycled. Hair is reused to make hair brooms which clean up our waterways. They offer a sustainable range of hair care products (Nine Yards) that are vegan and fully recyclable. In the new, upcoming renovation of the salon, there are hopes that solar panels and green heating can be installed to move closer to the goal of becoming a carbon-neutral business. 


Eco Soiree Styled Shoot at Peacock Farm Weddings




Since setting up rhirhidesigns sourcing supplies and materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable has been the number 1 goal. Providing the eco-conscious couple with eco-conscious stationery and signage for their wedding or event is critical for the ethos of the business. 100% recycled cotton calico fabric can be used for signage, refillable pens and nibs, reusing wood for different projects and upcycling wherever possible is always a consideration.


Eco Soiree Styled Shoot at Peacock Farm Weddings


Kerry Stamp – Celebrant


Setting up a new business can be expensive so incorporating a sustainable approach was not only cost-effective but also ticked off one of the targets for the business. Shopping in charity stores and second-hand shops, using ink bottles for the printer and sharing a computer also helps. Where travel is essential being conscious of setting meeting times outside of rush hour traffic can help with fuel costs and wastage but the E-bike is always on hand if a meeting is within a close enough distance. As the business grows so will the ways in which it can contribute to an eco-friendly approach.

Kerry Stamp – 07533384094 / 01522887782


Eco Soiree Styled Shoot at Peacock Farm Weddings




The car is powered by the latest BMW 3 Litre inline 6-cylinder engine which is more fuel efficient with lower CO2 emissions. The carbon core chassis means the car is lighter which therefore burns fewer fuels and on longer journeys the car is driven in ECO mode, reducing speed, acceleration, fuel and CO2 emissions and the route is planned ahead to reduce excessive mileage and fuel consumption.


Eco Soiree Styled Shoot at Peacock Farm Weddings


Cocktail Bar in a Jar


A luxury, handcrafted cocktail company where the jar acts as the shaker. Once used, the jars can go on for many uses after the cocktail has been finished. Customers are encouraged to re-use their jars for chutney, tea light holders, pen holders, collecting coins, and small vases… the list is endless. Also, glass is widely recyclable too. Cocktail Bar in a Jar is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint and uses recyclable packaging when shipping out across the UK. We are currently trying to find recyclable ribbons but again, encourage customers to reuse the ribbon for crafting or gifts.


Eco Soiree Styled Shoot at Peacock Farm Weddings


Amy Spinks- Makeup Artist


Long overdue; the beauty industry is making huge changes in the right direction to becoming more sustainable. Always on the hunt for eco-friendly brands, Amy is beginning to adopt an eco-friendly approach to her business where possible. Hygiene is a top priority and only biodegradable wipes are used! Upcycling, recycling and using refillable skin care products and makeup palettes, bamboo cotton buds, reusable mascara wands and avoiding products that contain microplastics or microbeads are just the start, changes for the better will be a constant goal within the business. Amy often finds items up for resale or ‘to swap’ by other consumers which is a great way to cut down on waste. In her kit, there are some amazing vegan brands that also use both recycled and recyclable packaging.


The Dream Team


Photographers @ssmailesphoto  @margaretcorson | Florist @mayflower_and_lily | Wedding Planner @perfectionweddingservices | Cake Designer @efeloshe Make Up Artist @amyspinksmua | Hair Stylist and Salon Owner @fusionhairco | Male Couple Models Dan and Sam @samuelvonmoos | Male and Female Couple Models Lydia and JC @girlonfire_lydia  @faithfulimagery | Female Couple Models – Nat and Bec @thecockandtoothpick | Mobile Bar The Cock and Toothpick @thecockandtoothpick | Cocktail Bar @cocktailbarinajar | Venue Stylist @ambiencenottingham | Celebrants @moonflowerceremonies | Vintage Ice Cream Van @lulabellesvintagevan | Macrame Backdrop and Accessories @goformacramewall | Stationery and Signage @rhirhidesigns | Chauffeur @white7lincoln | Pole Tent @stemgemevents | Suits @cavani_at_coneys | Chairs and Flooring @element_event_and_marquees | Dresses @prettypanachebridalwear



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