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Niall & Siobhan's Country Wedding

Want to know how to have a countryside chic wedding with style?


The Couple

Siobhan and Niall got hitched embraced by gorgeous pastoral scenes...  


Jessica Lily photography


"We used an app called Bridebook to find all of our local venues and Southend Barns was the first venue we ever went to see and instantly fell in love. We had always wanted a scenic wedding and this location and venue gave us this in a spectacular way."

Jessica Lily photography

Jessica Lily photography

"To decorate our venue, we used a company called To Have and To Hire; they had so many great ideas on creating a cosy and romantic atmosphere inside the barn.  For our ceremony, we had gold lanterns and terrariums lining the aisle,  with huge pampas grass and flower displays where we stood. The venue had a courtyard which we lined with festoon lighting and hanging gold tealights; it all looked so magical.  We were very lucky to have a venue that was already so beautiful, it meant anything we added would only enhance its beauty."

"We made sure to set a strict budget at the beginning of the planning process. We made sure to shop around, to compare prices from different suppliers. We made sure that for the things that were most important to us like the suits, dresses and ceremony, we gave ourselves a healthy budget to get exactly what we wanted."


Jessica Lily photography

Jessica Lily photography

"My dress was from Enzoani, I originally found it on Pinterest and instantly fell in love. My mum and I began to contact local boutiques to see if they stocked the dress, but no one had heard of it. Thankfully, my mum contacted one last boutique, Surrey Brides in Weybridge, who said they would order the dress in for me as they were an Enzoani stockist. I knew the moment I had it on, that this was the dress I would be married in and cried as many brides do. It was everything I had dreamed of wearing."


Jessica Lily photography

Jessica Lily photography


"One of the biggest challenges we faced was keeping happy and excited, whilst planning a wedding during the pandemic. We also had a challenge of changing our wedding venue 5 weeks before our wedding day. That was crazy! Not only did we still need to stay on budget and find somewhere we liked, we now had to find somewhere that was open and taking bookings, but also local enough for our already paid for suppliers. Thank God this was able to be done and we went back to Southend Barns the first place we fell in love with. Planning a wedding at this time made us realise what was really in our hearts in terms of marriage. For us that it was joining together as one before God, no matter the circumstance."

We loved Siobhan and Niall's wedding, if you did too, you can find more images from their big day in the March issue, or better yet, subscribe to get sent copies monthly, so you never have to miss one of our gorgeous real weddings!


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