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How to Stick To Your Wedding Budget

With weddings averaging over £21,000, it can seem out of reach to keep it within your budget, in this article, money-saving expert Charlotte Marshall from CouponNinja explains 7 easy ways to keep the costs down during wedding planning.

Planning a wedding can become incredibly stressful, as well as very costly, with the average wedding costing over £21,000. With the wedding season just around the corner, money-saving expert Charlotte Marshall from reveals the top tips on how to save as much as possible for your big day.


Be Smart When Picking a Date 

Before you can put a budget together for your wedding, you will need to know how long you have to save. Booking your wedding date as far in advance as possible means you have more time to save money and get organised. 

If possible, try to be flexible about your wedding date. Choosing months, days or times for your wedding that are considered off-peak and not in high demand could help save a fortune. For example, think about selecting a weekday for your wedding as this will be the cheapest or consider pushing the day back into fall or even winter rather than throughout peak months of spring and summer. 


Put Together a Realistic Wedding Budget 

Once you have a timeline in place, you will need to set a realistic and workable budget for spending overall. Here you may want to think about expenses such as:  

The wedding venue 

The wedding rings 

The wedding dress, suits, bridesmaid dresses, etc. 



Wedding favours 


As these costs start to add up, you and your partner may want to look at prioritising what is most important to you and what you could possibly cut down on without putting a damper on the big day. 


Make a Monthly Savings Goal 

Once you know how long you have to save for your wedding day, you can calculate how much you will need to save each month. 

If you are confident that your family members are happy to contribute towards the wedding, this is a good time to try and find out how much. Although it may not be the easiest conversation, if you simply let them know that you are looking to put a monthly savings target together, they will likely provide you with a rough figure of what they are willing to contribute. 


Keep Your Wedding Party Small 

You should not feel pressured into inviting anyone to your wedding, especially as the reception (venue, drinks, food) will be one of the most significant portions of your budget. Nevertheless, a helpful tip may be to put your guests into three categories to decide if you should invite them: 

Immediate family and best friends 

Good friends and extended family 

Co-workers or casual acquaintances 

It is also advised to examine the size of your wedding party; consider cutting back on the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen you might have, as this will cut back the expense. Although tricky, cutting your wedding party back is generally one of the easiest and best ways to help stretch your budget so that your wedding can be everything you have always dreamed of for yourself. 


Cut Back on Unnecessary Expenses 

Cutting back on unnecessary expenses is good practice any month but absolutely essential when saving for a wedding. It may be wise to look at your current monthly payments and be honest about cutting back on things that are not a priority. 

Additionally, make sure to shop wisely for your wedding day. Rather than heading to a fancy wedding decor store, try to shop around first. For instance, shopping through sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, eBay - or even looking in your local thrift stores may be an effective way to save on things you may not be able to make yourself. 


Get Your Craft On 

While everyone would like a professional wedding planner to deal with all the little things, those things could cost you the most in the long run. One of the most efficient ways to save money on your wedding is to try and make certain things yourself, such as save the date cards, decorations, centerpieces, and wedding invitations. With so much inspiration online, DIY decorations could not only help you save on costs but also add a more personal touch for you and your guests on the day.


Swap Gifts for Cash 

Asking for money is never easy, so it may be a promising idea to include a note on your wedding invites opting for cash over gifts. No matter what you may think or ask, your guests will definitely want to give you some sort of gift or gesture at your wedding. Extra cash could really help contribute towards honeymoon costs or help pay off any debts you may have from the wedding day. 

It is also advised to be more money savvy when celebrating a birthday or Christmas. Rather than gifts, ask family and friends for money instead. Even if you do not directly use this money on your wedding - it will significantly help you meet your savings target each month in the run-up to it. 

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