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30 Bridesmaid Roles Before the Big Day

Attention all bridesmaids!

Naturally, most brides want support in the lead-up to and throughout the wedding day itself. And, while your groom may be your go-to on the big things, we are sorry to tell you ladies, he is unlikely to be concerned with what colour the taper candles are going to be on your reception tables or the types of potted plants you present as favours.

Planning a wedding is a big deal. It is fun, but it is also hard. Surround yourself with people who you trust enough to offload some of the planning. The people that love you will be happy to help you and feel honoured to be given such a significant title on the most important day of your life. If you get it right, you will walk down the aisle in procession with your best girls who have helped you every step of the way.

Enter the bridesmaids

The little details, guest list dilemmas and of course the dress can all be discussed with your best girls. When it comes to choosing your bridesmaids, choose ladies who can help you organise, are always on-hand when you need them and who will keep the fun going all night long at your evening reception (no one wants their bridesmaid to head for bed at 9.30pm!).

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is and honour, but it is also a big responsibility. It’s not just turning up in a pretty dress and posing for the photographs – although it does include this, too! While the roles will vary depending on the type of wedding you’re dreaming of, the stage of planning you are at and what you want, whatever the scenario make it clear what you expect from your bridesmaids from the start. Will you be needing help with a DIY wedding? Do you want them to source suppliers on your behalf? Perhaps you just want a sympathetic ear when things don’t go exactly to plan.

Also, brides-to-be, if you’re not used to asking for help or delegating tasks and you have no idea where to begin with what roles your bridesmaids could take, here are some ideas for your maids to help get you started…



1. Party Time!

First up, if you know who your bridesmaids are going to be early on in the engagement, your girls can share your excitement and help you organise an engagement party.


2. Day Trips


Get together for a day trip visiting a wedding fair. This time in the planning is so much fun when you are collecting lots of ideas and names of suppliers. Bounce different ideas around together before making the final decisions with your partner.


3. Venue Shopping

These girls will know you well, so when you’ve whittled down your venue search to just a couple go back for another viewing and take your bridesmaids with you. Let them offer their opinion on how they envision the day mapping out and it could help you choose where to wed.


4. Lights, Camera, Action!

Along with you and your groom-to-be, your bridesmaids will be front and centre for the photographs. Discuss with them different photographers and their photography style before you book.


5. Dress shopping!

This is an obvious but crucial role for the bridesmaids. If you’re going down the traditional road of not letting your groom see your gown before the wedding day, he won’t be able to offer you options or support on this one. You and your girls will have a laugh together at the wedding dresses that are just SO not for you and share an emotional moment when you find the one! Make a day of it and celebrate with a glass of Champagne afterward.


6. Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Also under shopping, finding the bridesmaids’ dresses. It is crucial that the girls are with you so that they are happy with the style you select and can have any adjustments or alterations made.


7. Choosing a Colour Palette

Choosing the bridesmaids’ dresses will likely mean you have an idea of your colour scheme. When it comes to pairing colours together, your girls can help you make mood boards – get crafty over an evening of cheese, wine and cutting out magazine snippets!


8. Save The Dates


Once you’ve chosen your venue, set the date and have a rough idea of the style of wedding you are going for, it is time to send your save the dates! Your bridesmaids can be ready to write and seal envelopes or hand-deliver the save the dates to guests that live locally.


9. Music to Your Ears

You have likely partied with your girls many times, so delegate finding your evening entertainment to them. The can come to you with a selection of bands or DJs to choose from and save you and your groom a little time of searching for them.


10. Hen Party

They can organise your hen party! Whether it's all kept as a surprise for you or you have a hand in what happens, letting them do all the organising will take any stress of the hen party away from you - especially when it comes to collecting money from the hens!


11. The Dreaded Chat

When it comes to saving money, chat with the girls. They may have a suggestion you haven’t thought of, like smaller bouquets for them to carry, or wearing a pair of their own shoes that matches the dress you’ve selected together. Even knowing someone who has a car that you could hire at a discounted rate…


12. DIY Details

If you have DIY tasks, invite the girls over for dinner and afterward you can all get to work on making and creating wedding details.


13. Cake Tasting

If your baker allows, take your girls along with you to choose your cake. This is something we are certain they’ll be up for!


14. Practice Makes Perfect

 Attend a wedding rehearsal if you are having one before the big day – or just a practise of walking down the aisle in your hallway!


15. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue


Your bridesmaids can also help you with the task of finding your something borrowed, blue, old and new.

16. Love & Support

Let your beoved maids support you on your wedding day when the nerves kick in and give you tons of love and encouragement throughout the day.


17. Take the Reigns

Let them take the lead on timings on the wedding morning so that you can try and relax and enjoy being pampered by your makeup team.

18. Venue Decor

Help you dress the wedding venue, from setting up centrepieces to directing suppliers to where they need to be, just make sure if your girls are doing these last-minute tasks that they have time to get ready, too.

19. Saving the Day

Your lovely bridesmaids can help with talking to family and organising guests and suppliers on the day. They can help deal with any last-minute mishaps or difficult guests, leaving you without a worry at all!

20. Friendly Reminders

Your girls can help make sure you have something to eat in the morning, although you might not feel hungry, the wedding breakfast is usually late afternoon and its a long day to go without sustenance!

21. Getting Dressed

Getting ready on your wedding morning isn't easy, you will be feeling nervous and stressed and it helps to have your girls there on the day helping with buttoning or lacing up your dress, for those last minute shaky fingers, you'll be gratfeul for your girlfriends' help.


22. Last Minute Panic

Your treasured friends are a lifesaver when it comes to last minute panic, as you become forgetful and as you leave for the ceremony, your girls can help make sure everyone has everything they need with them, from lippie to bouquets.


23. Eye for Detail

Whilst you're distracted with your big day, you're not always focusing on how your dress and veil looks, your bridesmaids can help sort out your dress and veil before you make your big entrance and when you get to the end of the aisle so that your dress looks fabulous in your photographs!


24. Gather guests

Along with the ushers, the bridesmaids can help to gather guests and organise any group photographs.


25. Hostesses of the Most

On the day, your girls will be a point of call for your guests, they will help make sure everyone knows where they should be and when and help guests find their seats for the wedding breakfast.


26. Bathroom Breaks

You will find it very difficult to go to the bathroom with your beautiful gown, so your girls are a great source of help when you need someone to hold your dress or help you out of it when you need the bathroom!


27. Saying Kind Words

Your bridesmaids may want to be included in the speeches - although not in the traditional line-up, more and more ladies are taking to the mic and saying a few words to the happy couple.


28. More Bubbles!

Your girls can make sure your glass is kept topped up, you have plenty of water in-between the alcoholic drinks and ensure you and your groom get to enjoy your canapé during the welcome drinks.


29. Dancing Queens!

After your first dance, your girls should be up on the dance floor getting the party started. You may even want them to join you partway through your first dance if you are feeling nervous about taking centerstage.


30. Emotions Galore

Your bridesmaids can be a source of emotional support for you on the day, emotions will be running high and they should be there to lean on at all times.


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