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5 Bridal Beauty Tips for Summer Weddings

Summer wedding plans underway? Don’t forget your bridal skincare routine. Allison James rounds up her top warm-weather beauty tips for brides


Now that it’s getting warmer, summer brides are getting ready for their days in the spotlight. Many couples are planning to go all out this year, with the BBC reporting that numerous venues and vendors are already completely booked until 2023. After struggling through multiple postponements over the past few years, some couples are even planning to make their wedding celebrations more extravagant by adding extra events before or after the big day itself.

Summer weather means that it’s doubly important that you look radiant and glowing on your special day. You can beat the heat by following these bridal beauty tips below:


Follow a Bridal Skincare Routine


If you don’t have a summer skincare routine yet, now’s the best time to start one. Now that you’ll be spending more time outdoors, it’s crucial to use a lightweight moisturizer cream to protect your skin against peeling and dryness. Of course, you should also apply a broad-spectrum coverage sunscreen, especially if you’re planning an outdoor wedding.


Reduce Oiliness with Makeup Blotting Paper


There’s a difference between a sun-kissed glow and oily skin. Unfortunately, the latter can be pretty common during the summer months. As your skin may produce more oil due to the changes in temperature and humidity, dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm recommends using blotting papers. These handy sheets instantly blot away any excess oil that can accumulate on your skin without causing any irritation or acne. During your bridal skincare prep, use blotting paper before doing your makeup routine to avoid any unwanted shine in your wedding photos.


Pick Beauty Products Based on the Weather


Your bridal skincare products aren’t the only things that need to be switched during summertime. L’Officiel states that your makeup products must also be suitable for the season. While it’s important to choose the right bronzer shade for a sun-kissed bridal glow, you also need to consider the textures of the products. For instance, a water-resistant mascara and cream-based blusher will definitely be a godsend on your wedding day.


Guard Your Wedding Makeup Against Sweat


A summer wedding can make you sweat, or even make you cry tears of joy, which doesn't bode well for your makeup. This is why PrettyMe’s guide reveals that one of the best bridal skincare products is a setting spray to prevent any fading, melting or smudging. 

The guide highlights that Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Spray is a favourite amongst makeup artists, due to its patented temperature control technology, microfine mist and long-lasting effect. This reduces the need for touch-ups since setting sprays can secure your look for a whole day of wedding celebrations.


Style Your Hair in an Updo


Updos are a popular choice for summer weddings since they can keep brides cool in warm weather. Additionally, our article on bridal hairstyles highlights that Grecian goddess-inspired updos can hold up well, making you look elegant from day to night. You can even add glittering hair accessories to keep your classic chignon chic and tidy all day long.

After planning your wedding for many months, you deserve to look and feel your best on your wedding day. With these glam bridal beauty tips, you can ensure that you'll look ever the blushing bride during the summer wedding of your dreams.

Article specially written for by Allison James.


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