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Q&A with Bramble & Wild Floral Design

Rustic luxue flower style by Bramble & Wild

The face behind the flowers...

We speak to Grace Haskins, founder of Frome-based Bramble & Wild, to ask her about all things wedding flowers. Their signature style of romantic, rustic-luxe flower arrangements is one that couples fall head over heels for and makes them a name to remember!


Tell us the story of Bramble & Wild

Bramble & Wild celebrated it's 10th birthday last year! I set up the business when I was 21, opening a store in Frome – a smaller shop than we are in now. I had been a florist within other companies for a few years and desperately wanted my own shop. It all happened rather quickly though and from finding the shop in May 2011 we were up and running by July! I adore rustic, natural things so it was inevitable that the shop would take on that vibe – we like to call it rustic luxe; country styling with a classic edge. We now specialise in relaxed wedding flowers and every day bouquets, which we send all over the UK. Bramble & Wild is now a team of seven.

How do you create wedding bouquets and how do you ensure that they are occasion-appropriate?

We have quite a relaxed and organic approach to wedding flowers. At this point, our brides and grooms come to us because they trust us and already love our style. So quite often, we simply discuss colours and the actual designs and quantities needed. Then we get to work creating, using the very best flowers available that week, and nearly always in our signature ‘loose and natural’ style. It’s rare we’re asked for anything too different style-wise than what you see on our instagram or website, which is great!


What would you do if a customer wanted flowers that were not currently in season?

We always like to explain which flowers are in season even if we don’t promise them - not only is the quality not there, but out of season blooms are more expensive financially and environmentally, so we choose not to use them if we can help it!


Do you endeavour to opt for seasonal flowers a lot of the time and if so why?

Yes! Seasonal flowers are SO much better – the scent, the size, the quality… The joy of having seasons is embracing them! We always try and encourage this! We love to use British blooms and some which are grown in our cutting patch too, which we think gives our designs an edge.


How do you make sure a customer is happy with their wedding flowers?

During our wedding planning process we have multiple chats and provide a break down of costs on a flower proposal so that  we and our couples know exactly where we are and what we’re both expecting out of the day. On the day, we always like to see the bride and groom to check over the bridal bouquet at least! It’s like a final sign off, so we know we can leave and everyone is happy.



How was the pandemic for you? did Covid-19 affect you as a business?

Covid was a nightmare like it was for most small businesses. We were sat twiddling our thumbs for months on end, then worked solidly for the months after that!

We found that our shop was busy all the way through, after the first initial closure - people couldn’t see their loved ones so they sent flowers, which is so lovely. Mothers Day 2021 was insane and I’m actually glad we didn’t have the shop open to customers and we wouldn’t have been able to move! Wedding enquiries seemed to continue for us at a regular pace, but of course, they were then all clustered together after the postponements. Ordinarily we would do one or two a week so we can give 100% of our attention to our couples, but some weeks in 2021 it was 5 or 6 a week just out of necessity. Thankfully all our couples were so kind and completely understood! We just tried to make it as easy as possible for them too - I can’t imagine the stress for them!


Have you made boutonnières before for grooms and groomsmen?

99.9% of weddings have boutonnières for grooms and groomsmen – they’re so much more popular than a traditional rose buttonhole these days. Plus they’re super sweet too! We love making them into miniature bouquets, where we can add little details, taking inspiration from the bridal designs, to make them extra special.

Do you provide any other styles of floral design for weddings?

We’re good at our Bramble Style, so no, we don’t really push or provide other styles - I’m a firm believer that we’re good at some things and not others - a wired shower bouquet is not my forté, neither is a tight bouquet of roses or clouds of gyp - but other florists will be amazing at these. We have our strengths and like to stick to them. Plus it’s what we enjoy and that's great too!

What is your favourite style of bouquet to create? What are your favourite flowers to work with?

We all make bouquets slightly differently, but I love a slightly wider style bouquet which is relaxed and slightly asymmetric, allowing for the flowers we choose to shine!  Flowers can sit at different heights, allowing for movement and nothing is overcrowding anything else. My first floristry tutor always used to say ‘leave room for the butterflies’ and that’s something I think about every time. 

Nearly all of our weddings contain garden roses and they make any bouquet look extra special, but our favourites all change with the seasons. Ranunculus are fab in the spring with their multi petals and peonies are a must in early summer. It’s so exciting to get the first scent of the first peony! Then for me, the richly coloured dahlias in the autumn are the most welcome sight after the summer, when weddings take on a different dynamic and become more earthy and wild.

Find out more about Bramble & Wild here or search your local floral suppliers here.

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