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18 Best of British Wedding Venues

Best of the best British venues

1. Knowsley Hall, Merseyside

Home of the thriving cultural city of Liverpool, Merseyside is also host to pristine golf courses, the Grand National horse race and beautiful beaches. For a regal stay, Knowsley Hall has 2,500 acres of breathtaking land. With a grand entrance and marvellous terraces, it will take you back in time to 1495, when it first opened its doors. Perfect for weddings and events of all kinds.


2. Borthwick Castle, Midlothian

Just south of Edinburgh lies the awe-inspiring landscape of the Midlothian county. Step outside of the city to relax and embrace nature as you hike through acres of parkland. Continue your journey and discover the majestic Borthwick Castle, an authentic historical site refurbished to perfection. At the enchanting castle, you can experience complete luxury and the beauty of Scottish heritage.


3. Cefn Tilla Court, Monmouthshire

The county of Monmouthshire, located in southeast Wales, reveals beautiful scenery and a great selection of local foods. Dreamy Cefn Tilla Court offers an enchanting venue for your stay, a gorgeous manor house and an ornamental lily pond. Experience an intimate and relaxing stay in the timelessly designed rooms as you drift away into serenity. The perfect place for a ceremony or reception.


4. Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Northumberland is wild ancient England as its best, rife with gardens, Roman ruins and rustic beauty. Fully embrace the culture of this county as you uncover the artisan and mystery behind Alnwick Castle. A scenic location for a Harry Potter themed wedding or an adventurous tour for all the lovers of magical spells, this castle is a don’t-miss!


5. Rhodes House, Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is the pinnacle of refinement: academia, formality and manicured gardens come to mind. To engage completely with the historical scene of Oxford visit Rhodes House. An establishment in the heart of the precious city, you can experience refined private dining or decide to celebrate your special day in one of the ancient rooms!


6. Neidpath Castle, Peebleshire

A historical Scottish county, Peebleshire boasts rolling hills, rustic landscape and quaint villages. It’s the ideal destination for couples seeking peace and tranquillity. In this remote setting rises the fairytale Neidpath Castle. A Great Hall and astonishing rooms are dedicated to Mary Queen of Scots and recall the ancient families who inhabited these great halls. Founded by Sir Gilbert Fraser around 1190, this tower house is a remarkable landmark for a unique stay immersed in ancient ruins.


7. The Byre at Inchyra, Perthshire

A fairytale setting of magnificent mountains and mysterious lochs, Perthshire is set in the untouched southern Highlands. For an even more magical experience plan your special day at The Byre Inchyra, set in a bucolic landscape, perfect for a romantic aura. Choose your ideal setting, whether it is beneath a magnificent tree in the charming Victorian Walled Garden or just outside the exquisite venue.


8. Tretower Court, Powys

Mid Wales is perfect for a special getaway with your partner. There is a great choice of countryside inns and wildlife to be admired. For an unforgettable stay in a bewitching estate, Tretower Court is the rustic beauty perfect to savour memories with your loved one. Perfectly refurbished to shine light to new fashions, this important Welsh gentry home has been pleasing the county with its exclusive warm service.


9. Floors Castle & Gardens, Roxburghshire

Roxburghshire, also known as Roxburgh, is a county set in the southern Uplands and distinguished by its historical past and Roman remains. Nestled in this lovely county is Floors Castle, distinguished by the idyllic beauty of its gardens. Step into a locus amoenus, embellished with woodland and splendid floral bliss. The elegance of the estate is highlighted in its summerhouse, named ‘Queen’s House’ after Queen Victoria’s visit to the estate.


10. Ston Easton Park, Somerset

Enchanting beaches and Arthurian sagas will introduce you to the superb beauty of the Somerset area. To make you feel perfectly at home, the stunning country estate of Ston Easton Park is the perfect destination. A luxurious getaway enchants visitors with over 36 acres of parkland. The epitome of elegance, Ston Easton Park’s marvellous halls and glittering chandeliers beckon you to your special ceremony or event.


11. Tamworth Castle, Staffordshire

A landlocked county in the West Midlands, Staffordshire is home to some of the most exciting attractions in England. Immerse yourself completely in English heritage and step into Tamworth Castle, an extraordinary chance to appreciate 900 years of history. Be prepared to time travel as you discover the Tudor Dining Room and the Day Parlour.


12. Pythouse Kitchen Garden, Wiltshire

A picturesque landscape sets the scenery for the south-west county of Wiltshire. Tucked away in this stunning place is the Pythouse Kitchen Garden, where you can enjoy the delicacies of the well-established restaurant and later take a stroll around the majestic 18th century Walled Garden.

13. Hooton Pagnell Hall, Yorkshire

South Yorkshire is full of pleasant surprises. Indeed, the countryside estate of Hooton Pagnell Hall is an all-around incredible discovery. A tranquil location to relax, where you can dedicate your time to long walks in the magical private gardens with your partner. Why not get involved in one of the workshops set in the restored enchanting barn? This also makes a stunning setting for a wedding.


14. Penton Park, Hampshire

Hampshire is the perfect blend of city, coast and country. An appealing landscape for a special wedding ceremony. For an exclusive location Penton Park is an extraordinary family run venue. With a blend of elegance and homely warmth this estate in the countryside is an enchanting fairytale setting.


15. Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country

Club, Hertfordshire

Be inspired by the enchanting character of Hertfordshire. This picturesque setting is home of the Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club, a stunning hotel surrounded by acres of lush land. An estate refurbished in Jacobean style hides gems, as fireplaces and unique antique spaces.


16. Eaves Hall, Lancashire

Founded in the 12th century, the county of Lancashire offers a rich heritage, beautiful rugged coastline, stately homes and friendly residents. Hidden in this bursting landscape rises Eaves Hall. A magical estate, perfect for an awe-inspiring wedding. An architectural jewel, with 30 rooms luxuriously decorated, are just a pinch of the beauty residing in this location.


17. Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire

The serene landscape and wooland of Leicestershire is perfect for a quick city-break and makes for a truly dreamy English countryside wedding. Escape in the treasures of the Belvoir Castle, as you journey in a site embedded in history. A castle set on a majestic hill, is by far a sublime experience for a one of a kind wedding ceremony.


18. Petwood Hotel, Lincolnshire

The birthplace of beloved poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, Lincolnshire’s thriving cultural scene and history will impress with outdoor sculpture, market towns and cathedrals. An unforgettable cultural site you cannot miss is the Petwood Hotel, once home of the Dambusters, and now welcomes visitors from all over the world. Unravel the precious heritage hidden around the estate and indulge in the exclusive dining experience of this remarkable landmark.



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