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Suellen Fernandes

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About This Vendor

Suellen Fernandes is an Italian-Brazilian who has been living in Italy for over 20 years.

She transformed her passion into a full-time job in 2012 and is recognised as a highly-qualified destination wedding planner in Italy and Brazil. She brought two countries together thanks to her deep knowledge of two different cultures and traditions. Her clients, who most of the time come from far away and don’t speak the language, find a professional and caring wedding planner to guide them to the altar. 

When it comes down to planning, Suellen has unparalleled experience. She graduated in International Hotel Management in Venice and Destination Wedding Planner & Event Management in Rome. She also loves to design, organise and make dreams come true! She is a dreamer, visionary and beauty lover. This helps with the creation of romantic and inspirational weddings, as unique and beautiful as her couples. 

In 2020, she was awarded as the best destination wedding planner for the Veneto region at the Italian Wedding Awards, an award that honours excellence and professionalism in the Italian wedding sector. She is the first FAC certified Brazilian wedding planner and accredited in the professional wedding planner registry with “Seal” n° 7 throughout Italy. These are just two of the many recognitions she’s had throughout her career. 

Suellen also dedicates time to teaching destination wedding planning courses, speaking at conferences and participating in international wedding networking events.

The company was created to unite the couple’s heritage and country of origin with the chosen Italian wedding destination, and Suellen Fernandes is determined to honour your love story and background whilst celebrating the beautiful destination you’ve picked for your union.


Amenities + Details

  • Destination Weddings Planning
  • Location Manager
  • Concierge
  • Celebrant (can perform in both Italian or Portuguese) 
  • Wedding Design


Meet The Team

Performing and planning weddings throughout Italy, you can be sure Suellen will deliver a heartfelt event with the charm of Italy’s savoir-faire. With years of experience in the sector, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of service and attention to detail. Not to mention that Suellen is a kind and professional soul, ready to make your big day the most memorable moment of your lives. Her speciality is not only designing and organising events but also officiating weddings with outstanding ceremonies. 

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